Next week is the final week so, yeah, you should be doing some decent handstands right about now.
You should be feeling it today but if you have been keeping up with the challenge, you'll so be energized for the endpoint.
You had a good max day so, today we can take a little break and try some remedial work.
Sometimes the simplest body part split can end up being the most crushing thing you do.
It's singles to max day. You know you've been waiting for it.
You should definitely be starting to hold on to the kettlebell for longer spells and feeling better as the reps go up again.
After some hard work from head to toe, you'll get to recover with an interesting deep hip flow.
It's rest day, and we're going to need it before we hit the home stretch on this challenge.
It's a true rest day because you have a big day tomorrow so, respect it.
A drill to achieve triple extension of the joints (ankles, knees, hips) for the purpose of jumping and overall athletic performance.
If you don't have access to a pull-up bar do push-ups.
It's a short week this week because we are going to try and max out.
Today, why not try speeding up the pace.
We're going to bring down the reps again as we get closer to our day of reckoning.
Asymmetry rules the day as you alternate sides in a series of challenging exercises.
It's a short week this week because we are going to try and max out.
At the two week mark we hit our highest rep count so far.