12 Sets of Advice on the Kettlebell Swing

Welcome to our collection of articles and videos on the humble kettlebells swing. Whether you want strength, speed, endurance, or fat loss, you are in the right place.

Welcome to our collection of articles and videos on the humble kettlebell swing. Seemingly a simple movement, there is more to the swing than meets the eye. Whether you want strengh, speed, endurance, or fat loss, you are in the right place. Take a look at these sets of tips on how to perform the perfect swing. You can also learn about the different types of swing, along with the benefits of each. And if that’s not enough, you can even find information below on the biomechanics behind the ‘bells. Happy swinging!

How To Do The Perfect Kettlebell Swing (Andrew Read)

More and more research is proving the benefits of the kettlebell swing – for strength and speed. Want to perform the perfect swing? Read this article for my four step primer on this amazing movement.

Breaking Muscle Video – The Kettlebell Swing (Traver H. Boehm)

Kettlebells are all the rage, but do you know how to do a proper kettlebell swing without hurting yourself and getting the most benefit from the movement?

The Kettlebell Swing: Why It’s the Perfect Exercise (Andrew Read)

Are you looking for an exercise to improve your posture, strengthen your posterior chain, strengthen your heart, AND help you lose weight? Look no further – you are looking for the kettlebell swing.

A Systematic Approach to Improving Your Kettlebell Swing (Tom Kelso)

The kettlebell swing is a display of skill and strength. In order to improve your proficiency, you need to work on all three vital areas – skilll, strength, and endurance. Here’s how to do it.

Good Swings Are Fast Swings (Andrew Read)

I’m going to pick on the American swing again, but this time because I want to discuss why and how we choose our tools and the weights associated with them. Is heavier actually better?

Video: Kettlebell Swing Therapy (Dave Ayres)

This video addresses a common problem in the kettlebell swing – a lack of hip drive. I’m also going to show you a hamstring mobilization drill that’s great for swings.

Rationalizing the Swing: Why the American Swing Is Wrong (Andrew Read)

There’s the American kettlebell swing, and then there’s the kettlebell swing done correctly. Let me explain why the American swing is not just wrong, but bad for your body.

Scientific Analysis of the Kettlebell Swing, Snatch, and Carry (Becca Borawski Jenkins)

Are kettlebells good or bad for your back? What muscles do they really work? Scientists put the kettlebell to the test. Read on to find the answers.

Increasing Forces: Using the Kettlebell Swing to Increase Strength and Speed (Andrew Read)

The vertical jump is revered as a test of force production. Research shows kettlebell swings can increase vertical jump. Swings, done correctly, can increase both strength and speed in athletes.

Biomechanics and ‘Bells: What Does It All Mean? (Jason Lake)

Dr. Jason Lake takes us on a little journey to explain biomechanics and some basic terminology. In this article he talks about the kettlebell swing and the physics behind it.

300 Swings a Day for Faster Fat Loss (Pat Flynn)

Would you like a simple way to cut fat? If so, then let me tell you about the kettlebell swing, and specifically, about doing 300 swings per day, everyday, and without exception.

Beyond the 2-Handed Swing: 5 Effective Kettlebell Movements You May Be Neglecting (Katie Chasey)

There’s a lot more to the world of kettlebells than just the two-handed swing. Here are five of the most effective movements that you may be accidentally leaving out of your workouts.

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