2 Ways to Bulletproof the Freestanding Handstand

Learn two quick, powerful tips to improve your freestanding handstand.



The handstand is a symbol of body integration and impressive control. But one of the hardest parts is learning how to do it unsupported, with good technique.In order to improve, focus on basic progressions and the minute details that will add up to big changes.

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Two steps that will accelerate your learning process are:

  1. Use the frogstand position to sharpen the strength and control in your fingers.
  2. Build up slowly to a freestanding handstand by kicking up gradually, legs scissored.

The frogstand is an excellent bodyweight hold to hone your fine motor skills. To perform the frogstand:

  1. Sink into a deep squat and place your palms on the ground in between your feet, so that your triceps press against the insides of your knees.
  2. When you push your feet off the ground, learn to use your fingers and wrists to manipulate the pressure and stay in the hold.This rudder-like use of your hands will be key in the freestanding handstand.

To begin the true handstand:

  1. Place your palms on the ground again, arms fully extended.
  2. Instead of haphazardly kicking up, first swing one leg like a pendulum, keeping it straight. You want to fall short rather than overshoot and land on your back. Keep your legs scissored apart – you're still trying to find balance in this step.
  3. Aim to progressively get closer and closer to the vertical position, but with your legs still apart.

When you are fully upright, use your fingertips to keep your balance as you slowly move your legs together.By this point, you will have learned vital skills that will make your hard-earned handstand bulletproof.