3 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Muscle Up (Video)

Al provides rare insights to get your muscle up looking sharper and more solid.



Welcome to our series featuring calisthenics expert Al Kavadlo. This week, he shows you valuable pointers to help you solidify your muscle up technique. (If you don't have a muscle up yet, check out his other video.)

The two main issues beginners need to correct are uneven extension of the arms above the bar and excessive kipping. Here are Al's recommended exercises to help you avoid these faults.

  • Do slow negatives – When you are locked out above the bar, bend your elbows slowly to lower yourself. Keep your elbows by your sides and your form tight. This works to strengthen your back and shoulders.
  • Gradually reduce the kip – Focus on using the strength in your arms and back to pull yourself up, rather than relying on hip explosiveness.
  • Use the false grip – Check out Al's grip technique in the video. It will boost your grip strength and upper body control.

The keys to executing these corrective exercises are focus and control. These movements increase your time under tension, as well as allowing you to become familiar with the ideal technique. Get your game face on and practice these tough movements!

Every Sunday, we feature a new bodyweight strength training video from calisthenics expertAl Kavadlo. Al is also famous for smiling while performing some of the most difficult bodyweight exercises imaginable!