3 Ways for People Who Stand All Day to Fight Aches and Pains

Some jobs require you to stand for hours on end, and that can’t be helped. But you can help yourself reduce the damage this does to your body.



If you stand for long periods of time every day, you will inevitably develop stiffness. Max Shank of Ambition Athletics shares three ways to alleviate the discomfort. These techniques help correct some of the problems that excessive time in an immobile position may cause.

The first technique is to use a lacrosse ball to roll out your feet. When you stand on your feet all day, the soft tissues become tight. To loosen them, place the ball on the floor, then move your feet back and forth on top of the ball for a few minutes.

The second technique focuses on your hips. If you do not take breaks from standing with other activities such as walking, your hips will spend too much time in one position.Perform a split squat stretch to mobilize your hips and reduce some of your low back pain:

  1. Take a long step forward with one foot.
  2. Drop your back knee to the ground. If you need help balancing, use a chair for support.
  3. Push your hips as far forward as you can so you feel a stretch. Keep your posture tall.

The last technique will help relieve tension in your calves and hamstrings, as well as some of the pressure in your SI joint:

  1. Find a flat platform, preferably a chair.
  2. Raise your leg and place it on the platform. Find a height where you start to feel a stretch in your hamstring.
  3. Lean forward slightly and make ankle circles. This will help with the proprioception in your feet.

Standing may be part of your job, but being in pain doesn't have to be. Follow Max's advice to undo the damage of excessive standing and keep yourself ready to work day in and day out.

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