4 Cool Variations on the Bodyweight Dip (Video)

Dips are the squat for the upper body. Include this exercise and grow stronger before you know it.



Welcome to our series featuring calisthenics expert Al Kavadlo. This week, Al demonstrates four different ways to perform a dip.

The dip isone of the best movements for developing the upper body. They can be done on parallel bars, on a set of gymnastics rings, and on any other surface you can grip with your hands. Work on these variations, and you'll be giving your triceps and shoulders a killer workout.

  • Bench dip – Place your palms on the edge of a bench with your fingers hanging off the sides. Your heels stay on the ground. Pay attention to your form and try not to let your torso move, aside from going up and down.
  • Parallel bars dip – Al calls this kind of dip the gold standard. If you stay upright with your torso, you emphasize your triceps. Alternatively, you can lean forward on each rep if you want to work your chest more.
  • Straight bar dip – Find a pull up bar, lock out your arms above it, and knock out some reps.
  • Korean dip – This is one of the most difficult variations. On a pull up bar, keep your arms behind you in order to dip. Your legs body may swing back when you go down.

Did you notice Al demonstrating a wicked plyometric clapping dip in the video? You can practice with twists like these once you feel like you're ready for a challenge. Be sure to add dips to your bodyweight strength regimen and you'll notice some awesome gains.