4 Hip Stretch Regressions to Fit Your Mobility Needs

If your hips aren't healthy, your training will be compromised. Use these techniques to stay on top of your hip mobility.



Athletes use their hips all the time for flexion, extension, and various other movements. Thus, it is vital to keep your hips strong and unrestricted in their range of motion. This tutorial from State of Fitnessteaches different techniques, based on your current flexibility, to maintain your hip mobility.

To do the couch stretch with a resistance band:

  1. Bend your knee and place your foot on a wall behind you. Drop into a split squat, keeping your posture upright.
  2. Once you are in the couch stretch position, place the resistance band on your lower glute, just above your hamstring. You might need a friend to help you.
  3. Loop one end of the resistance band and then the other around your front ankle.
  4. Use the band to help you tuck your pelvis for a greater stretch.

To regress this stretch, do a simple couch stretch against the wall without the resistance band.If you have knee pain or other trouble with getting into the couch stretch, you can turn around so you are facing the wall instead:

  1. Get into a split squat, using a cushion for your front knee.
  2. Hold your back foot up behind you with your hand. Place your other hand on the wall in front of you.
  3. Square your shoulders to the wall and focus on tucking your pelvis.

The most basic regression is a simple half-kneeling position:

  1. Place one foot forward and lower your other knee to the ground. Do not lift your back foot.
  2. Make sure your front shin is vertical. Then, push your hips forward so your front knee moves in front of your front foot.
  3. Always keep your pelvis tucked and your chest tall.

Find which technique currently fits you best and perform it regularly to keep your hips healthy. Progress through the stretches as your mobility increases.

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