4 Step Progression to the Front Lever (Video)

Master this difficult hold, and leverage the strength gains into your overall athleticism



Welcome to our series featuring calisthenics expert Al Kavadlo. This week, Al teaches you how to work up to a front lever, which is not only a cool bodyweight hold to impress your friends but also a badge of formidable strength and flexibility.

Make sure you can perform hanging leg raises with a full range of motion before continuing to the following front lever progressions:

  1. Tucked Front Lever – Hanging from the bar, tuck your knees in and pull them up to the bar using your core. Your elbows remain unbent.
  2. Half Tucked Front Lever – Your knees are still pulled up, but not all the way this time. They should be slightly in front of and below the bar.
  3. Split Front Lever – One leg remains bent, but the other one should be fully extended. Make sure you alternate legs when practicing this step.
  4. Straddle Front Lever– With both knees straight, spread your legs out to the sides.

From there, the final step is to bring your legs together into a full front lever. There are several ways to work on this skill – you can get into the front lever position for reps, or transition from the top muscle up position to the front lever and back again for reps.

Practice and explore the front lever often – it will unlock new horizons of movement for you.