5 Simple Ways to Stretch Out and Loosen Up (Video)

Al is not only a master of bodyweight strength but also of flexibility. Here, he teaches you the twist hold.



Welcome to our series featuring calisthenics expert Al Kavadlo. This week, Al focuses on maintaining range of motion to allow you to remain injury-free. The twist hold stretches out your lateral chain, helping to keep it supple. It's even one of the exercises of the trifecta in Paul Wade's Convict Conditioning series.

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  • Partial Twist Hold – Sit on the floor with both legs straight. Then cross one leg over the other and push that knee back with the opposite arm.
  • Three Quarters Twist Hold – Bend the leg that stays on the ground, bringing your foot under your glutes. Again, cross the other leg over with your knee pointing toward the sky, and use your arm to push the knee back.
  • Full Twist Hold – You are in the same position as in the three quarters twist hold. Here, however, reach your hand under your raised knee, stretch your other hand behind your back, and try to connect them. Use a cloth or band if you need the extra help.

Here are some other stretches to move you along the path to achieving the twist hold.

  • Noose Pose – In a deep squat, rest one shoulder against your knee. Then reach behind your back with both hands and try to touch them together.
  • Triangle Pose – This is a simple but effective yoga pose. In a split stance with both knees straight, slide one arm down your leg and reach the other one to the sky.

As you work on the twist hold, you will be loosening and flossing key fasciain your body. Take time to work on mobility now, and your training will be much more productive!

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