5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach

Want to be a better coach? These simple techniques will help you along your way.



Being effective when coaching or training is something that can take practice and finesse but is invaluable when it comes to communicating with your athlete. Thesefive simple strategies are designed help coaches and trainers become more effective teachers when working with classes or clients.

Speak Loudly and Clearly

Speaking from the diaphragm allows you to project to your classes without becoming out of breath. Speaking from the chest can cause you to sound breathless during your training sessions.

Be Concise

In general, give the minimum amount of explanation possible when taking clients through a skill. Use effective cues and demonstration to get them to safely and correctly position themselves for the movement.

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Be Aware of Body Language

Whether it’s with a group or with an individual, be sure to present yourself with confidence by maintaining good posture. Moving around the room during a class or watching a client perform a skill from different angles allows for correct assessment of movement.

Make It Interactive

Engage the athletes by asking them questions about the skill or workout. Even if their answers are incorrect, it still gets them thinking critically about what they are doing or about to do.

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Reinforce, Reinforce, Reinforce

Not all cues will work with everyone. Using a variety of cues helps you recognize what your athlete responds best to. Don’t be surprised if they forget how to perform a skill overnight. Patiently remind them, cue them, and most generally they will get right back to it.

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