5 Tips to Get Your First Muscle Up With Carl Paoli

You’ve tried everything to get a muscle up. Here’s advice that works, works fast, and works well.



You've tried everything to get a muscle up. You've spent countless hours in the gym performing the drills, followed by attempt after attempt at the muscle up, but nothing seems to stick.

This video is for you. Carl Paoli is not only a gymnastics expert, but he is heavily involved with the CrossFit community and knows the demands faced by CrossFit athletes. This means he provides advice that works, works fast, and works well.

Here are five unique tips to get you your first muscle up:

  1. Get rid of the false grip – Yes, that's right. If you're going to kip, the false grip feels uncomfortable. Also, your shoulder flexibility and mobility will suck. Remove that restriction. Instead, do a pseudo-false grip. This is like a hook grip, but with your thumb outside your fingers.
  2. Keep the swing small – Don't go crazy with your beat swings. You don't want those rings to be swinging all over the place.
  3. Keep your feet where you can see them – When you do your hip-to-ring pull up, you should still be able to see your feet. In other words, your shoulders should be high, and your feet should be lower. Otherwise, it's hard to start the turnover.
  4. Pull the heels to the butt – If you've done it right so far, gravity will take care of your turnover. Your job is to ensure that your knees stay high. This action of pulling the legs in will take the weight off your shoulders, allowing you to stay light and efficient.
  5. Drop and pump-kick – Another advantage of pulling your knees up is that you are in a perfect position to kip the dip. Just drop your legs a little, and pump kick to finish off the dip.

Good luck with getting your first muscle up. Post up your success stories!

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