6 Broomstick Drills to Improve Your Shoulder Mobility

Safeguard your shoulders and get the blood flowing with this comprehensive warm-up routine.



Andy McKenzie is an expert in bodyweight and core training. This week, he walks you through a warm-up routine for the upper body that requires only one inexpensive tool – a stick. If you want to improve your shoulder mobility, you can’t go wrong by using this warm up.

  1. Hand Roll – Hold the stick with two hands and roll it forward and backward to loosen your fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.
  2. Pass Through – Hold the stick loosely in one hand and use the other to push it to the side. Use a variety of grips for this exercise.
  3. Scapula Retraction and Protraction – Hold the stick with both hands at hip width in an overhand grip. First rest the stick on the front of your hip. Draw your shoulders all the way up and push them down. Raise the stick in front of you to shoulder height, then push your shoulders forward and pull them back. Finally, raise the stick over your head, push your shoulders up, and pull them back down.
  4. High Pull – Widen your grip on the stick and let it hang down in front of you. Shrug your shoulders up, then pull your elbows up so they are rotated forward and the stick touches your sternum.
  5. Rotation – Start in the top position of the high pull where your elbows are angled forward. Rotate at your elbows to bring the stick above your head.
  6. Dislocation – Hold the stick in front of your hip with both hands. Bring the stick over and behind your head to rest on your lower back.

Varied drills like these keep your shoulders healthy and mobile. Use this warm up to get ready for your workout and grease the groove in all ranges of motion.

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