8 Moves To Add To Your Workout – Demonstrated By Our Coaches!

Looking for some new moves to add to your workout routine? Or tips to make your training better? In these 8 videos, our experts cover everything from burpees to yoga stretches.

Here at Breaking Muscle we don't just have great articles – we also have videos to help you with your training. If you're looking for some new moves to add to your routine, or for tips on how to improve, don't miss these 8 videos by our expert coaches!

Breaking Muscle Video – How Not To Suck At Double Unders (Traver H. Boehm)

The double under is one of the more frustration inducing aspects of CrossFit. This video will give you some of the best ways to approach and conquer this movement.

Breaking Muscle Video – The Stallion (Chris Duffin)

The Stallion is movement we created at my gym. I've always been a fan of kneeling squats, but not how they make my knees feel. Now we can get the benefits, without the drawbacks.

Breaking Muscle Video – How to Wall Ball (And Not Hate It) (Traver H. Boehm)

Wall ball is one of the staple exercises in CrossFit. It's also one of the most hated. This week let's go over the movement basics. When we break it down, it's not so bad. Really.

Breaking Muscle Video – One Legged Squat (Jon Kolaska)

This week we give tips on how to develop your one legged squat. A challenging movement, it requires a combination of strength, balance, and flexibility.

Breaking Muscle Video – Bob Takano: Snatch Extensions and Snatch High Pulls (Bob Takano)

Do you know the difference between a snatch extension and a snatch high pull? This week Bob Takano describes both movements, with video demonstration.

Breaking Muscle Video – Dare to Do Yoga Abs (Willow Ryan)

Yoga is fantastic for building abdominal strength and control. In this video Willow teaches two movements that will build strength and energy in the abdomen.

Breaking Muscle Video – Yoga For Athletic Guys, Part 2: Upper Body Stretches (Jon Kolaska)

In part two we focus on the upper body with stretches for the wrists, forearms, neck, and shoulders. Give these a try right now – feel what a difference stretching and breathing can make.

Breaking Muscle Video – The Burpee (Traver H. Boehm)

The infamous burpee! The burpee is an integral bodyweight and CrossFit movement. This video shows you how to do them properly and QUICKLY.

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