9-Year-Old Skateboarder Lands a 540 (Video)

We love the raw excitement nine-year-old Sabre displays when she finally nails this trick – on her 75th attempt.



This is nine-year-old Sabre Norris from New South Wales, Australia. Cool name, cool girl. Even cooler when you find out that she just landed her first 540.

For those who need a glossary, 540 refers to the number of degrees the skateboard twists through. In other words, a full circle and a half. Do you think that sounds impressive? It is. We love the raw energy and excitement Sabre displays when she finally nails the trick – on her 75th attempt. Here's the story in her own words:

I've been skating for about 3 years. My favorite trick is a 540. I watched Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins do it on the internet, and I just had to do it. That was my 75th attempt of the day. Every time I tried one and didn't land it I put a rock on the table. It ended up being my 75th rock. I was frothing. I did some 720s too. Not proper. I called it 540 to revert to splat. I didn't cry though. My goal is to do 100 of them before this Saturday. I'm up to 75.

How many of us have the tenacity to attempt the same thing 75 times in a row, failing over and over again, armed only with the determination that we just have to do it?Maybe we can learn a thing or two from kids like Sabre.

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