A Challenging Sandbag and Kettlebell Workout (Video)

This workout takes you through four tough movements to build a strong foundation for the weeks ahead.



The basis of any great program is building a strong foundation. What does that mean and how can we accomplish a good foundation? Does it mean we have to sacrifice our goals like great conditioning or superhero strength?

Absolutely not! Working through this series of three videos will help prime your body to achieving your goals faster while keeping you resistant to injury.

Our goal here is to teach you several principles:

  1. How to develop good movement patterns.
  2. Resist movements like rotation and lateral forces. This builds a stronger and more functional core.
  3. Develop more time under tension. While fast workouts have dominated many current fitness programs, slower repetitions not only have their value, but also have been shown to be better for energy expenditure.

This workout takes you through all of this in a fun and challenging routine that should prime you for the increasing intensity in the upcoming workout videos. Keep an eye out for more videos and two more workouts to come!

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For an more in-depth explanation of each of the movements, take a look at these videos:

Bear Hug Squat

Kettlebell One-Arm Row

Sandbag Drop Lunge Front Hold

Paused Push Up