A Quick Chest, Shoulder, and Hip Opening Yoga Flow (Video)

This is a great flow if your workout includes kipping pull ups, overhead squats, cleans, or push presses.



I am a yoga teacher and I don’t have the most flexible back or shoulders. Why? Well, I like to think it is because of all the swimming, running, push ups, and handstands that I do.

There is a balance between being mobile and hypermobile. I believe that I fall safely in the mobile range. While keeping the chest and shoulders open and mobile is important for effective lifting and form, having hypermobile shoulders will lead to injury.

This quick flow is one of my favorites to open the chest, shoulders, and hips. It is a great flow to do a few hours before any lifting session, but it’s especially a great flow if your workout will include kipping pull ups, overhead squats, cleans, or push presses.

The standing poses all open the hips and include arm variations that require the chest and shoulders to expand. Some of the poses may be unattainable for you right now, but I promise if you do this regularly, over time you will start to notice major flexibility changes. Try practicing this sequence three times a week for a month and see what happens.