A Sandbag Plank Combo for Core and Pulling Strength

You can only hold a plank for so long. To increase the core strength benefits of this exercise, add a sandbag and start pulling.



The plank is one of the most common go-to exercises for the core. But as with all strength training exercises, you eventually need progression.The coaches atUltimate Sandbag Trainingshare one such way to enhance the plank by using a sandbag.The goal is not necessarily to move the weight far or fast, but to focus on stability by using uneven leverages.

The exercise is a lateral sandbag drag. To perform it:

  1. Get into a push up positionwith a sandbag under you and slightly off to the side. Keep your wrists under your shoulders and your core tight.
  2. Use the hand opposite the sandbag to drag it under you to just outside your shoulder.
  3. Walk your hands and feet to the side so the sandbag is no longer under you, then repeat.

This exercise works not only your core but also your lats, giving it carryover to pull ups, rows, and many other upper-body movements.There is another variation that trains the pulling pattern even more.

  1. Set up once again in the push up position with your feet outside your shoulders. Place the sandbag under you, between your legs.
  2. Reach one hand down to pull the sandbag diagonally to just in front of your shoulders.
  3. Engage your lats and maintain a strong plank position. Use your hand to pull the sandbag straight down toward your feet, then repeat the steps.

The sandbag not only adds resistance to the isometric plank, but it also challenges you to maintain balance and tension while controlling movement.Combine these two training tools for a mix of stability, strength, and coordination.

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