Andrew Read To Partner With Breaking Muscle On Strength Conquers

Andrew Read To Partner With Breaking Muscle On Strength Conquers

Combining advanced physical strength and stamina training to create warrior athletes

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 24, 2015 -Andrew Read, one of the leading experts in Russian Kettlebells will be delivering Strength Conquers ( training programs, certifications and products on Breaking Muscle. Read is also an expert in functional movement, strength and conditioning, martial arts, and a competitive athlete, as well as a full-time coach.

"People either train to be strong or to go long. My philosophy is to train to do both, never quit, and always push for more. Strength Conquers makes everyone a warrior athlete and warrior athletes can face any challenge they are given with confidence," says Andrew Read, coach, competitive athlete, Ironman, and black belt.

Strength Conquers is about physical strength and stamina and having the mindset to get dirty and do the work. The lessons of Strength Conquers training can be applied across the board to all types of physical activity and competitive sports.

Andrew Read has lived the Strength Conquers philosophy all of his active life. He has been both a coach and a competitive athlete equally. Everything that Andrew does is to better understand the role of strength, endurance, and mobility in a real world environment to enable athletes at all levels to succeed. Whether it is someone looking to get fit or someone training for the Olympics, Strength Conquers can help them achieve their goals.

The Strength Conquers Resource Center on Breaking Muscle will include training programs for all levels of practitioners from novice to expert. For coaches interested in becoming Strength Conquers certified, Andrew will be delivering Strength Conquers certification programs both online and through seminars around the world.

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About Andrew Read

A lifelong athlete and coach Andrew Read has seen it then tried it and then tested it. He has trained hundreds of athletes and clients up to Olympic and World Championship competition levels, Andrew has also kept testing his theories on himself. He is both a black belt and an Ironman and has been honing the craft of training people for over twenty years.

Having trained alongside industry leaders in everything from Taekwondo to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to boxing, as well as kettlebells, running, triathlon, and weightlifting, Andrew has a wealth of experience to draw from. Andrew is not tied to a single tool or method of training but has an extensive tool box from which he can choose from to find the right solution for each athlete.

His training methods are blue collar and basic. There are no attempts to hack performance. Just age old methods crafted to guarantee improved performance. He has worked hard to meld the training of mind and body together through his three simple rules on training – turn up, don't complain, never quit.

About Breaking Muscle

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