What happens when acrobatics meet yoga? A whole lot of excitement and possibility. For me, it was a weekend of freedom and it all began from the moment I said “yes” to the experience.
The award-winning performance of world-class acrobat Encho Keryazov. We personally are not sure how what happens from three minutes on in this video is even possible.
We've seen a lot of acrobatics videos, but this one is literally stunning. We actually yelled out loud (a few times) watching it. Truly awesome and you must see to believe.
This week - pole dancing. Yes, you read correctly - pole dancing. Watch this video of the 2012 Miss Pole Dance Japan to understand why it's become an international competitive sport.
Yet another amazing attraction of Southern California beaches - the Santa Monica traveling rings. Every morning you can see athletes lined up waiting to do their unique gymnastics routines.
Acrobats are not only entertaining, but some serious athletes. Gold body paint aside, this video is both subtle and stunning in showcasing the balance, strength, and flexibility of these two men.