Downward dog is one of the most basic yoga poses, but there's actually a lot to it.
After years of failing miserably at love, I finally found the love of my life a few years ago. But my yoga had to change for it to happen.
You don’t need a yoga mat to turn the corners of your mouth up or to take a deep breath. It’s something we can do anywhere, anytime.
I firmly believe that being upside down or just being not quite right-side-up has a ton of benefit.
These small adjustments will help you create space, align your spine, and protect your joints.
Many yoga classes focus on poses instead of principles. Take care of yourself and find balance in your yoga practice.
How many times have you flown through chaturanga without thinking? It's time to break that habit.
What if we quit thinking of why people get yoga injuries and started thinking about the road signs that tell us we are moving into pain?
I thought designing a yoga series for newbies would be cake, but it's proven to be a challenge.
Surya namaskar is a foundational element of your yoga practice, and it's more than exercise.
Harness the ancient concept of the kriyavati to bring new energy to your mat.
Twists have numerous benefits for spinal alignment and digestive health when they are done correctly.
Billions of dollars are spent on yoga-related merchandise each year. But do we know what it really is?
Once you feel the benefits of conscious breathing, you will crave them and come back for more.
Let’s remember yoga is comprised of eight limbs and each one offers an abundant and unique harvest to the one who practices it.