athlete journals

The most remarkable thing about my workouts lately is that they’re not at all remarkable.
This week was the start of the new school year and a new major for me, so I've adjusted my training accordingly.
James Kearns has been sharing his training log with us for the last eight months, and if you're interested in competing in BJJ you don't want to miss out.
What started as a disappointing day turned out to be one of the most exciting tournaments I've ever experienced.
This week was all about riding the line between normal pain and dangerous pain. I am always amazed what I am capable of doing when I do not hurt.
Sometimes we get so caught up in measuring results that we forget to focus on the quality and quantity of our efforts.
I didn't train as hard as I would have liked to this week, but I did get to coach a group of kids at a tournament.
This weekend I'm heading to the Boston Summer Open, and I'm feeling excited and optimistic.
Between the nagging pain in my left wrist and discomfort in my groin, this wasn't my best week of training.
I hurt my elbow and had to deal with a cold for two days, but it was still a great week.
When you think about your training as a system composed of several interrelated components, you're likely to succeed.
Injuries, illness, tournament struggles, and all the other obstacles I faced earlier this year seem like a distant memory now.
My achy wrist reared its ugly head during the PanAms last week, but at least I still have Worlds in September.
This was a great week of training, with lots of new skills, a visit to a different gym, and a relaxing recovery day.
My orthopedic health is holding up great, and I had another productive week of training.
This week was all about ramping up my training and cleaning up my diet. My next big tournament is just around the corner.
This week I had to work around some groin, neck, and wrist issues, but I was still able to train.