back squats

I’ll make the exercises male-friendly as well, without awkward hip thrusting movements in a public setting.
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A single rep of a breathing pause squat will challenge you and strengthen your core like you've never experienced before.
A new study explored four different methods of varying intensity and exercise to build size and strength.
Every approach is simple to implement, but could make the difference in reaching your next personal record - or reaching the bottom of your pistol squat.
In a new study, researchers analyzed power output during long sets of back squats.
It was the ultimate squat face off, but I think the results of this new study need further questioning.
In a recent study researchers wondered whether quarter or parallel squats would activate PAP most. Once again, deeper squats seem to be the winner.
A new study shows squats might have yet another health benefit - improved bone health in women with osteoporosis and osteopenia.
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This routine is a time-proven means of becoming stronger and larger (all other factors being equal). It should be used sparingly because it is extremely demanding. Let's go old school.
Post-Activation Potentiation or PAP - what is it? It means if you squat heavy, you can jump higher. Science looks at how much weight it takes to activate this potential and how you can apply it, too.
We know that squat suits help powerlifters lift more, but how exactly do they accomplish this? Science looks at elite level powerlifters and tries to break down how the squat suits work.
Even science has issues sometimes. It can be a good idea to look at new research with an analytical eye - case in point, a recent study on building strength with kettlebells versus weightlifting.