This was my last week of training, and the focus was on hitting my commands and picking out my attempts.
This week I took it easy and focused on getting ready for my next tournament this weekend.
While it comes down to individual needs and goals, there are good reasons to switch gyms, and bad reasons.
Only those who have undergone the competitive experience can efficiently master the role of a coach.
While athlete growth has been significant, the growth in weightlifting infrastructure has not.
At the start, it seems like the trajectory can only ever be up. Then we hit a wall. It’s called burnout.
Everything thinks cutting weight for competition is a great idea. In reality, very few athletes should even try it.
Along came the CrossFit Games. As the sport grew, so did a noticeable caste system within many boxes.
Performance is everywhere. Interviewing for a job. Competing in a fitness competition. In order to succeed, you must be prepared.
Oh the heartache when a single-rep makes the difference in winning and losing. In truth, the story is much larger.
The Boeing Company is located in Seattle and employs thousands. But what does this have to do with weightlifting?
Pat McCarty speaks about CrossFit expansion, Grid development, and masters athlete inclusivity.
James Kearns has been sharing his training log with us for the last eight months, and if you're interested in competing in BJJ you don't want to miss out.
This video will get you fired up - there's no question about that. But it's not your everyday lifting video.
This weekend I'm heading to the Boston Summer Open, and I'm feeling excited and optimistic.
Are you inspired or deflated by competition? Is it valuable or harmful? This week's we explore those questions in sport, business, and psyche.
Watching fellow lifters perform can be problematic. Get used to being watched, but don’t watch too many failures.