I was born with a fierce competitive streak and it took me a while to learn how to use it productively. Here's what I learned - the best parts of being competitive and the gifts it brings me.
This beautiful footage is a compilation of moments, amazing techniques, submissions, and celebrations from the planet's best grapplers at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship of 2012.
Does being in your 30s and 40s mean your athletic performance has to decline? Not necessarily - science looks at duathlon competitors and baseball players and examines the facts.
After 8 weeks of tournament preparation, I finally competed at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship in Montreal, Quebec. Here's the photos, videos, and how it all went down.
My eight-week training program is almost done - the tournament is this coming Saturday. I'm going to share my inspirations for my game plans and my latest personal training update.
What's the world's strongest man look like? Chances are a lot like Mariusz Pudzianowski, five time world title winner. Check out this amazing highlight video.
What kind of competitor are you? Do you like to be head-to-head or out in front? Or do you avoid competition? I was recently confronted with my own psyche and I'm ready to keep exploring.
Many of us travel for competition, as athletes and/or spectators. Have you ever thought about why it's good to do this? I have and I came up with 3 important reasons to travel to sports competitions.
I tore my adductor during my last meet of the year, but I finished the meet and also had one of my most effective training cycles and deloads so far.
We here about athletes coming out of retirement to make comeback all the time. Why do they do this? Is it actually a good thing? And might we consider it ourselves as we get older?
It's unpleasant, but it's inevitable. Eventually all athletes (and all weightlifters) must retire from the game. What does this look like for different athletes and why do they make the choice?
My husband is the most accomplished athlete in our household, and we're a competitive crew. It's important to me and my daughters to be with him when he competes, even at the USTA Nationals.
Read how the Kutin family balances setting world powerlifting records with the other aspects of family life - including maintaining a normal childhood and their Orthodox Jewish traditions.
Coaching cues should be simple and understandable. Learn how to break your cues down into learnable chunks and how to apply these cues both in the training room and on the competition platform.
Are you training without purpose and without focus? For those lacking in motivation or addicted to training, competition can offer a necessary structure to achieving peak results.
You get home from a competition and all your friends and teammates want to know, "How did you do?" How do you handle this question when you lost and don't want to talk about it?
When preparing for a big competition of any kind individuals tend to “psyche themselves up.” Do you act tough or are you a calm competitor? What's YOUR game face?