At the heart of the problem is the group exercise business model, which is fundamentally flawed for a CrossFit gym.
Is there such a thing as CrossFit programming?
The group business model that almost all CrossFit affiliates use is not suited to the success of these individual businesses.
CrossFit, culturally and as an organization, has always engaged in and encouraged trolling.
Whether you are a CrossFit advocate or not, EMOMs, AMRAPs, and rep ladders have their place.
The coverage of Toomey's performance in the 58kg division was published earlier today.
Believe in yourself, start small, and take your first steps to your best rowing yet.
Simplicity isn't sexy, but it's the only "weird trick" you need to know.
Just because an exercise or protocol isn't for you, doesn't give you license to berate everyone who does it.
The Open season is upon us. Follow these rules and embrace the fun of kicking ass – legitimately.
What I’ve come to discover is an entirely new dimension of training, with profound value for those who pursue and coach performance.
CrossFit HQ brought us the same old run-of-the-mill event with a new title. When will they try something new?
Structuring your warm up will take your training to a new level. We can divide that structure into five distinct stages.
Will affiliates stop at nothing to design and recruit the best team for the CrossFit Games?
Here are two drills to progress you towards performing the full L-sit with good position.
We're a pretty badass group of athletes, and if you want the best of us, you need to act like it.
Once someone is inside the CrossFit bubble, whatever he or she does is no longer ridiculous, it's…try-able. That needs to stop.