crow pose

Learning alignment for arm balances helps you find alignment in every strength posture, including lifts, and reduces the chance of injury. Here are three fun ones for you to experiment with.
Autumn brings darkness, shadow time, and introspection. Keep yourself warm and energized with this yoga sequence - a physical and mental evaluation and cleansing.
This week a reader asks if Crow pose is safe for the arms. Has anyone ever broken their arms while practicing Crow?
This week we progress through a Side Crow to Twisting Scissors Sequence. It's a fun sequence...and I even do it in my street clothes! Wear want you want - it's YOUR practice.
One Legged Crow Pose is both challenging and fun. In this video we walk through the sequence to get into the pose.
Crow pose can be strangely and frustratingly challenging. This week in the Dear Willow column, Willow shares a video filled with tips on finding success in Crow pose.