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From smart programming, to body image, to pregnancy, this year's top articles cover all the bases.
Who we teach our children and young athletes to admire is who they will admire and who they will become.
You are your body on a “good” day and on a “bad” day. What many of us women don’t realize is that we get to define what constitutes good and bad.
Here is an analysis of the current world records across all age categories. I wanted to see how consistent percentages of snatch to clean and jerk were across weight and sex categories.
When I first heard the saying “strong is the new skinny” I loved it, but since then, I’ve kind of grown to hate it. Let me explain.
Challenge your perceptions of beauty and grace though this passion-filled film of female fighters.
Tiffany plays professional baseball on the men's teams. She has persevered because of a love of the game, and driving desire to encourage other women in the game.
Being physically active is important for the health of young women, both physically and mentally. But more of them are dropping out of sports than ever. How can we change this?
I’ve only been to one Pilates class in my life. I’ve also only been referred to as “butch” one time in my life. Well, one time to my face. What if gyms were free of such alienating judgements?
Women have been weightlifting in the Olympics since 2000, but what did it take for them to get there? Let's look at equipment, competition, and politics from 1970 to present day.
We all know in theory that proper strength and conditioning helps your sport performance, but now researchers have examined this in detail in regards to elite female softball players.
Sarah Wilson is a world-class athlete, business owner, jewelry designer, coach, wife, and mom-to-be. So how does she do it all?
Athletes and coaches have long questioned the role that the menstrual cycle plays in a female athlete’s athletic performance.
Recent research in Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, assessed the female high school track athletes knowledge of menstrual health and bone loss.
In our first and second series of The Female Athlete Triad, we discussed the etiology of the triad spectrum and screening and treatment strategies.
The intense training programs found in elite youth athletics today prior to, and during puberty, may have a significant effect on the sexual maturation of female athletes.
Screening and diagnosis of the Female Athlete Triad can be challenging for medical professionals, as all elements of the spectrum are not always apparent or fully developed.