fitness myths

Your abs are no different than your other muscles. Work them hard within reasonable repetition ranges.
The myth remains that weightlifting prevents growth of the bones, and young athletes will remain short.
Enough with the Internet arguments, I'm interested in what you think. I'm going to present some controversial topics, and then I want to hear what you have to say and what your experience has been.
Here are twelve articles to dispel common fitness myths, and set you back on the straight and narrow.
Weightlifting is often misunderstood by the general public and, sadly, by people in other sports as well. Here are the top ten biggest myths about weightlifting, and why they're totally untrue.
Some fitness groups have evolved to faction status - some even to borderline cult. It’s time to cut out all the pseudo-science and opinions and look at each faction and reveal the reality.
There's a lot of nonsense in the fitness world. That's not what I'm about. Don't read this if you've got a sensitive stomach. I'm going to sit you down and tell you how to actually achieve your goals.
Musician, mathematician, Zen meditator, and Olympic weightlifting coach - What doesn't this guy do? Don't miss these 9 articles by writer Nick Horton!