forrest yoga

The best style of yoga for one person isn't the best for everyone. Willow offers advice on choosing a style of yoga that offers physical and mental challenges for your specific personality.
This week we talk through camel pose and how learning to build this pose up slowly can make your breathing more effective throughout the day. And therefore possibly you'll be more effective, too!
I need help with my feet when I run. I am wearing minimalist shoes, but my knees still ache. What does it mean to have active feet? What else can I do to strengthen and heal my feet and knees?
Many of us struggle with tension in our necks and jaws. Today we will practice releasing neck tension during this pose so we can carry that practice through our day.
With so many trainers and coaches, how do you choose a GREAT one? Here are my five criteria for selecting an A+, great, warrior-spirited coach who can take you past your comfort zone to success.
Today's video is an abdominal movement called the inchworm. This is a great core exercise based off the plank position. You can modify it up or down, depending on your fitness level.
In a busy world it can be hard to maintain our spiritual practice, be it church, yoga, or sweat lodge. How can we keep our practice with us? What is your church? Is it external or is it inside you?
How the f@#k do I get into my tight hips? I go to yoga consistently and I don’t feel like they stay released for long periods of time. They go back to being tight right away, what do I do?
Ever wonder how yoga fits into your life and how you fit into yoga? Do you struggle to fit into a mold, yoga or otherwise? Use your yoga, as a teacher or practitioner, to release the true self.
Autumn brings darkness, shadow time, and introspection. Keep yourself warm and energized with this yoga sequence - a physical and mental evaluation and cleansing.
This week a reader asks if Crow pose is safe for the arms. Has anyone ever broken their arms while practicing Crow?
This week we progress through a Side Crow to Twisting Scissors Sequence. It's a fun sequence...and I even do it in my street clothes! Wear want you want - it's YOUR practice.
A lot of students ask me how to stretch and strengthen their feet because their job requires them to stand all day long. Learn a series of exercise you can do to release your feet.
One Legged Crow Pose is both challenging and fun. In this video we walk through the sequence to get into the pose.
Today's yoga practice is not just about our pose, the exhilerating Easy Bird of Paradise pose, but also a moment to reflect on WHERE we do yoga. Do you need to do it in a fancy studio?
This week I'm going to share with you a simple exercise I like to do to stretch my lower back. All you need is a solid chair without wheels, but with armrests.
Ahimsa is the art of non-violence, but unless used both internally and externally, you could be doing yourself harm. Consider wielding your weapons outside, but practicing non-violence to your self.