friday flicks

At 89 years old, German gymnast Johanna Quaas is far from slowing down. This is one granny who you don't want to mess with!
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee... and move like a badass!
You won't hurt yourself by engaging in this sword-fighting sport - as long as you know how to be en garde.
When you're strong and fit, you can enjoy some of the most splendorous natural beauties our planet has to offer.
Get ready to meet a wickedly skilled, strong calisthenics athlete - who is 100% vegan.
We think you'd be hard pressed to find athletes this powerful and athletic in many other sports.
Jumping rope is a real sport of its own, and these skilled athletes demonstrate the playfulness of it at its finest.
Up until the last day, a Froning win was anything but a certainty. What makes him a champion, time and again?
What makes sport and dance the same? Is sport an art form? Is dance a sport? Watch the video, explore the parallels, and make your own mind up.
Take a look at this incredible rally from the men's team table tennis semi-final. This is the sport at it's best - fast, furious, and fun.
When strength and flexibility are combined to create movement like this, the result is simply stunning.
Sometimes, it's worth taking a step back and admiring the beauty of the sports we participate in.
We love the fluidity of movement in this video, set in the diverse urban landscape of Barcelona. Sit back and enjoy.
The incredible cliffs of West Ireland provide the perfect setting for cliff diving, a sport of finesse and beauty.
What is behind Andy Murray's rise? What has driven him forward and upward, year upon year?
Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is in full flow, here are some highlights from 2010.
Pole dance requires strength, flexibility, and endurance, and includes climbs, spins, and inversion. Functional, anyone?