Coming back to training after injury or illness is never pleasant, but if you keep a detailed training journal it can give you clues to your derailment and a guide on how to get back in the groove.
You might think accounting and weightlifting have nothing in common, but they both come down to numbers. If you aren't analyzing all your training numbers, you're wasting time and energy.
If you’re on the market for a log book these are as good as log books get. With a few varieties and a lot of info inside, these journals are great. I highly recommend them even for non-CrossFitters.
Why does my coach always tell me to keep a journal? Will it actually help to write things down? And what if I don't want to carry a silly notebook?
Science Behind Sweat isn't just for logging workouts, it can predict how you should perform on a workout, and if you don't achieve that level of performance, it can figure out why.
At my gym, CrossFit Los Angeles, we require all of our students keep a workout journal. What's so valuable about keeping a journal? Turns out it can make a difference in your performance.