Mindfulness training will take your performance to the next level.
This recovery method is elegantly simple to practice, requires little space and no special equipment.
Imagination isn't just for playing dress up. It applies to our training, too.
Find the deeper meaning in your own training to be more purposeful, directed, and successful.
Skill development is all about concentration, routine, and patience.
Physical training can only take us so far in self-defense - we must become masters of natural fear response.
Harness the ancient concept of the kriyavati to bring new energy to your mat.
Learn how to relax, point, and shoot at your own goals.
Follow in the steps of the great yoga sages and learn how to go beyond the physical realm of your own practice.
What does Om really mean, anyway? Is it a Sanskrit symbol to worship? What is it and how is it relevant to our yoga practice?
For people looking to make a habit out of meditation, the challenge can be identifying the right type of practice to meet your needs and preferences.
Professional athletes have long known that the only “secrets” to success are to bust your ass daily and do it for years.
Yoga and mindfulness practices at a young age can benefit youth behavior, focus, attention span, and embodiment.
Should mediation be used to make members of the military better at killing or business people better at business?
For those of us who meet frustration every time we attempt to be still and focus, one option is a walking meditation.
Could it be the word courage invokes an ancient energy of which everybody has a somatic awareness that transcends levels of experience and structural patterns of posture and movement?
As an athlete, you know that giving your mind time to recover is important, and visualization can be a tool for success. Here's how to quiet the mind and get started on this beneficial practice.