You took decades to destroy your high school body so, don't expect to fix it in 30 or 45 days no matter what you are promised.
There is a massive gap between knowing what is healthy for us, and behaving accordingly.
CrossFit, culturally and as an organization, has always engaged in and encouraged trolling.
Establishing a solid workout regime does not need to be tricky, just as healthy eating habits do not need to be complicated.
All the motivation you had at the beginning is still there. You just need to tap back into it.
Defining your purpose will make most of your choices for you.
Adjusting your mindset could be all that stands between success and failure in your sport.
How do you keep your brain out of the way of your lifts?
You have to lay unbreakable groundwork to construct your best athletic self.
If your standards are improperly high, you may never see the progress you're looking for.
The more intense your visualisation is, the more effective it will be at improving performance. Here's how to mimic the real-life action.
These tools are classics - timeless gems in the ever-changing, overcomplicated world of strength and fitness.
Purpose, persistence, and passion are the secrets to true training success.
This recovery method is elegantly simple to practice, requires little space and no special equipment.
There are big strength, speed, explosiveness, and coordination components to practicing this old-time strongman movement.
Stop skipping from one thing to the next in search of results in the gym.
From finding the calm in chaos to learning how to roll with the punches, martial arts will make you a stronger person.