mixed martial arts

The technical stand-up is a way to move from a seated position to standing that protects the person from being physically compromised, in either a sport or a self-defense situation.
So, how does one go about becoming the general manager of a world famous MMA gym? Scott McKendry found his way in through being a student at the world-famous Team Quest gym in Portland, Oregon.
After a number of years on the fringe, mixed martial arts (MMA) has lodged itself firmly in the national Zeitgeist. As a new fan, there are a lot of terms to learn and this guide can help you.
More and more people some familiarity with wrestling due to the increasing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC, but do you know what the three styles of wrestling are and how they differ?
There are three basic areas comprising the sport of Mixed Martial Arts - submission, striking, and wrestling. In this article we break it down and give you examples of styles and fighters.