A shift in perspective is what the industry needs to prioritize movement for the long haul.
Whatever your discipline, movement quality has the biggest impact on whether your training improves or inhibits performance.
To maximize your upper body training, you need to learn how to mobilize, stabilize, and control your motor patterns.
Life is too short for fitness to be so serious.
These movements won't get you more Instagram followers, but they will keep you fit until the final whistle of the season.
Orthotics won't cure weak arches. Perform these two drills to strengthen your soles and train your co-ordination.
You are the CEO of your most precious commodity. Call the right shots for lifelong profits.
In the new movement that is movement, improvement is rarely about better coaching. So how does this relationship work so well?
When you move well, your body will inherently take care of what needs to be mobile and stable.
Moving with intensity for short periods of time is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve health.
Check your movement quality every session. At the beginning and end. No, I'm not kidding.
Without a focus on your feet, you’ll sacrifice speed, strength, and power.
You may lose muscle mass as you age, but you don’t have to lose cognitive function.
From spinal bracing to full-body tension, everything you do in the gym relates to the quality of your plank.
Getting in tune with your body and progressing with your routine safely is the key to staying injury-free.
Few of us live a truly paleolithic lifestyle, but that's okay. We can look to our not-so-distant ancestors for some other healthy alternatives.
Recognizing the value of everyday movement might be the key to shifting your mentality toward success.