natural movement

Believing you can improve is one thing but doing something about it is a different beast.
Take the mundane and do something interesting with it.
Finding comfort in your squat will help you develop resilience and adaptability.
Your body allows you to do amazing things, and it deserves to be heard. Are you listening?
These drills will free up your joints and unlock freedom in your squat.
The truth is anybody can fall, anytime. We need to prepare our bodies to handle these uncertainties.
These two simple tools will have a tremendous impact on your overall health and function if put into daily practice.
Lifting, carrying, and manoeuvering odd objects is a great opportunity for practical movement training.
Crawling and hanging can help you gain range of motion and strength in your wrists and shoulders.
Are you sitting comfortably? Use these resting positions to tap into the body’s natural ability to tune itself.
If you’re not accustomed to this level of body awareness, you’ll probably get some pretty surprising feedback.
If improving multiple skills simultaneously is an issue you struggle with, try these strategies.
Just because you're injured doesn't mean it's time to give up. Here are three strategies to better yourself as you recover.
Without a focus on your feet, you’ll sacrifice speed, strength, and power.
The aim of intuitive programming is a balance between planned and spontaneous movement.
Here is an unconventional, but practical, engaging, and fun way to build strength and mobility.
Natural movement provides a powerful stimulus to redefine habitual patterns of pain in the body.