Many coaches have written off static stretching from their programs, but you should reconsider adding it to your routine.
As a coach, it's great to see progress in your students. Here is a video of one of my lifter's first lessons, compared with a meet three weeks later.
Even if you just started lifting, you can probably tell that small tweaks in your technique make all the difference. This week we compare a failed snatch with a successful one.
This exercise is for beginners who have a tendency to swing the weight while learning the snatch or have arms that are too weak to perform the movement correctly.
In my experience with beginners, there are two huge technical problems involved with teaching the pull from the floor. Breaking the pull into a progression has helped solve these problems.
This video from Bob Takano is especially valuable for those lifters who are having difficulty “feeling” the position of the bar overhead and the effects of proper footwork. 
Check out this video of lifter Hilary Katzenmeier and learn an important technique to make your jerk more secure and powerful.
Bob Takano explains why you don't necessarily have to be able to get your whole hand around the bar when you clean and jerk, using the example of Olympic weightlifter Dan Cantore.
Do you know the difference between a snatch extension and a snatch high pull? This week Bob Takano describes both movements, with video demonstration.
Sarah Robles takes the title of strongest woman at the 2012 American Record Makers Competition, with a 135 clean and jerk.
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