olympic weightlifting

After losing the grip during the rack for the clean, Johnny went on to drive the weight overhead and set a nice PR. As a coach, I love this kind of heart in my lifters!
Olympic weightlifting has long been a rogue sport, mostly by its own doing. How did we isolate ourselves? And is the tide changing? I think so - let's take a look at why and how.
This video of a former national champion at a recent Olympic lifting meet exemplifies perfect snatch technique. Watch and learn!
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week: lessons from the Marines, coaching tips, letting go of excuses, and more!
Rather than physical qualities, what might be most important for weightlifters are 3 mental qualities: affective stability, concentration, and perseverance. Read on for an explanation of each.
This video brings to light another small technical difficulty that makes for good study material for aspiring coaches.
This video of one of my lifters demonstrates how a slight change in balance can affect your lifts, even in spite of perfect pulling technique.
Recently, I made the move back from the Olympic Training Center back to my home. It’s been wonderful to come home, but reverting back to the “real world” is going to be a challenge.
When designing resistance training programs, we can't ignore physics. Here are 3 laws of training that will simplify your programming and help you become more successful (i.e. stronger).
If I could make resolutions for weightlifters, retired lifters, prospective lifters, coaches, and more, here's what they would be. What would the weightlifting world look like if these happened?
In this video of a student's clean and jerk, a number of technical items can be observed. I had to evaluate them in order to make the adjustment for the call of the next weight.
My greatest day in weightlifting didn't come in competition. It came while lifting an everyday object in 1970 at a summer job. It seems to have been more impressive than my Olympic lifts ever were.
If you've followed us this year, you know we like Olympic weightlifting. If you haven't, here are the top articles we've posted, from the likes of Bob Takano and Greg Everett.
If you have spent time around expert coaches, you know they see things normal humans don't. How did they develop this skill? Learn step-by-step how to develop the coaching eye for weightlifting.
While thinking about my shopping I thought of my fellow iron-heads and what they would appreciate under their trees. I propose the following gifts to make their 2013 lifting soar to new heights.
Greg Everett is well known for his books on Olympic weightlifting. Now Greg needs YOUR help. Can you help him come up with the perfect products to finish out his holiday wish list?
Here are some videos of my first training sessions and competitions with Lindsey Valenzuela, taken in 2010 and 2011. As you will see, she progressed quickly.