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Greg Everett thinks the future of American weightlifting is in the hands of the upcoming generation of coaches and athletes. So what do they need to know? Greg lays it all out.
This week Holley is back in Columbus after a training stint at the Olympic Training Center. She talks about how she finances her training, what makes it worthwhile, and highlights a fellow lifter.
One of the functions of the coaching eye is to detect an error during the heat of battle. If you see your lifter making an error that is correctible, how do you help them fix it?
Becoming an Olympic weightlifting athlete and coach fulfilled a dream for Greg Everett, and now he is making it his mission to bring weightlifting to the world.
This week Holley talks about some weightlifting friends - in particular one amazing world champion who only weighs 105lbs. Weightlifting isn't only for big people and it doesn't make you manly!
Sarah Robles takes the title of strongest woman at the 2012 American Record Makers Competition, with a 135 clean and jerk.
Musician, mathematician, Zen meditator, and Olympic weightlifting coach - What doesn't this guy do? Don't miss these 9 articles by writer Nick Horton!
We hear so much about the kettlebell swing and the eye-catching get up, but what about the kettlebell clean? Turns out it's a fantastic movement for athletes of just about any sport.
I want you to work smarter, and having a program that adjusts by design - like how a coach would adjust you if you had one - can go a long way toward increasing your rate of progress.
Check out this short video of a new lifter snatching with 104 kg. If you watch carefully, you'll see his mistake - which Bob Takano calls "the dirty bop."
Holley continues to train hard at the Olympic Training Center, despite the wildfires surrounding the area. Plus, this week she splurged for the first time ever and bought herself something!
Holley continues to scurry between Columbus, the Olympic Training Center, fundraisers, and work, but stopped for a moment to marvel at meeting Michael Phelps.
Part one of this article proved to be a bit controversial! In this second installment we break down why the snatch is challenging and why the overhead squat won't help you.
This week Holley relays the results of last week's State Meet, reminisces about when she used to be able to eat pizza, and remains focused on her Olympic dream.
Is your snatch or your overhead squat bigger? Does it matter? Olympic weightlifters don't even bother with overhead squats. Read on to find out why it's not that helpful after all.
This week Holley is busy with work and fundraising, while tapering for a State weightlifting meet she is competing in this Saturday.
This week Holley spoke at a grade school about being an Olympian and the character traits that got her there - perseverance, discipline, and confidence. And there was some holiday fun, too!