Learning how to scale the physicality behind the practice of parkour will only help you in the long run.
The backflip is a cool stunt - and also ideal to train body awareness and athletic power.
This movement will strengthen your hips and develop your explosive power.
Flexibility and leg strength are the keys to keeping your joints safe during landings of any sort.
Have you ever wanted to learn parkour? Let Al show you the best way to leap into this athletic practice with precision jumping!
Interact with the environment with virtuosity and poise. Be the musician, letting the notes flow into a smooth melody.
We love the fluidity of movement in this video, set in the diverse urban landscape of Barcelona. Sit back and enjoy.
The fearlessness of these athletes is one thing. Their precision is something else entirely.
Stop for a second and marvel at this incredible infusion of skateboarding, gymnastics, and dance.
In this video, Ben Musholt demonstrates two inverted exercises to develop shoulder and back strength. These skills are great for mixed martial artists and parkour traceurs.
Damien Walters is a freerunner and stunt double. And this is one insane stunt. Find out what it takes for him to shift his mindset to the do-or-die mentality required to complete this challenge.
Parkour athletes routinely scale overhead walls with speed and ease. The technique for getting on top of an overhead wall is known as a wall run, and can be learned through a few basic steps.
In this video, Ben Musholt demonstrates three ways for you to build grip strength to help with bouldering and the climbing involved in parkour.
Injuries within elite athletics are a common occurrence. Does that mean that you, an amateur athlete, are at the same risk for catastrophic injury when performing similar events? No, it does not.
Working to develop explosive leg strength is the most surefire way to increase your jumping ability. Here are three skills derived from parkour that are also great for building explosive leg strength:
In this video, Ben shares some beginner agility and balance drills for parkour, using homemade precision trainers.
In this video, Ben demonstrates three lower body plyometric skills for explosive leg strength - the plyo step-up, the crane plyo, and the plant plyo.