photo gallery

Through the eyes of a fellow athlete, Zephan Moses Blaxberg captures the beauty and spirit of movement and competition.
Baltimore artist and musician Alexandros Kolazas shows us the art of capturing moments from a smartphone.
From bodybuilding to yoga, photographer Mike Cadotte captures a sense of power and emotion with each of his images.
Jeff Huehn shares his journey from photographing birds to capturing key moments in athletics.
Paul Anthony Smith aims to capture athletic beauty and emotional expression in his photos.
Action photography has given Bev Childress an opportunity to be involved in competitive sports in a unique and intimate way.
From a young age, David Paterson has been intrigued with photography's ability to capture the peak of performance.
For Doug Kline, photography started as a hobby and developed into a passion for capturing grapplers' stories.
Wari Om is sharing the wisdom of yoga with people all over the world.
Jorge loves to capture the community and family of CrossFit in his photographs.
For Nat Arem, founder of Hookgrip, the barbell and the camera go hand in hand. Read on to learn more about Nat and see a sample of his Olympic weightlifting photography.
If you've ever played a team sport, you know how awesome it is when a team comes together. This photo gallery from the U of MMA team photographers is a visual example of that team dynamic.
Shaun Cleary has always been the guy with the camera. As a professional photographer, Shaun strives to capture the passion and intensity of athletic events.
Karl Buchholtz is inspired by the grace of swimming and the grunge of CrossFit. Capturing these dynamics on camera is his talent, as you can see in this gallery of images.
Robert's work highlights the beauty of yoga poses, but for Robert it goes deeper than a physical presentation. He hopes that his photos can help people transcend how they see themselves as well.
Nothing captures the intensity or focus of a sport like a good photograph. Here are 8 photo galleries we've featured by photographers who love both the camera and athletics.
She may have started out a real estate agent, but these days Cheryl Boatman travels the world photographing CrossFit athletes. Someday she hopes to shoot the NFL and MLB, too.