physical therapy

Self-treatment only goes so far. Recruit the best professionals to overcome your injury and get back to hard training.
There is no best back exercise. But the swing can be highly effective for the right athlete, at the right time.
With the right rehab expertise, it's possible to move big weight successfully - and safely.
Here are three self-assessment techniques that will enable you to take a proactive approach to pain relief.
Injury can be like a mental bomb going off in your head. How you deal with it is your choice.
Lifting puts a lot of strain on the elbows. Learn how to move heavy loads without sacrificing elbow health.
Research and common sense reveal the truth: anterior pelvic tilt has nothing to do with sitting, or lordosis, or a tight psoas.
Lumbar spine rehab is about movement pattern correction and re-education. Sumo deadlifts are one way to achieve those results.
As a physical therapist, one of the top five most common things I see is tight hip flexors. Here's my favorite stretch to fix them.
Donnie Thompson shows how his powerful mobility tool, the X Wife, can strengthen and injury-proof your core.
Achilles pain can be debilitating, frustrating, and often long lasting. These unconventional exercises will help.
It is important to treat low back pain based on origin instead of severity.
The human body is a remarkable complex machine. which is something that a simple image could never fully capture.
Therapeutic ultrasound is a popular method of injury treatment and assessment, but research refutes its clinical value.
My concern is that people only recognize cross patterning when it comes to ground-based activities.
Lee's philosophies can teach us how to be better students both in and out of the weight room.
This book is a invaluable resource for athletes who don't have access to physical therapy.