Strength and flexibility are not necessarily opposing forces. In this book, Master RKC Jon Engum teaches how anyone can achieve a more flexible, and therefore healthier, body.
Here we are at the end of my series - the final of the six basic kettlebell exercises. The snatch. The snatch is one of those exercises that seem shrouded in myth, but it's actually quite simple.
You've figured out the kettlebell clean, now it's time to go overhead. There are some nuances to the kettlebell clean that are helpful to be aware of. Read on for tips and video demonstrations.
We continue with our series teaching the six basic RKC exercises - this week we move onto one of the more complicated movements, the kettlebell clean. Are you doing it correctly?
Jon Engum is a Master RKC, a master of multiple martial arts, and a Grandmaster of at least one martial art. What does a man who's been a coach his whole life have to offer as advice on coaching?
The goblet squat is a great exercise for mobility, and also builds a foundation for other forms of squatting. Learn how to do it properly and what mistakes you are most likely to make.
Jon has attended more RKCs than anyone on the planet. What has he learned? It's about balance - strength and flexibility cannot be separated.
One of the 6 basic exercises of the RKC, you'll also find the get up in CrossFit and other programs. Learn, detail by detail, how to execute a safe, and efficient get up. Includes 2 videos.
In writing about the RKC, I realized what I learned in getting ready for it applies to all coaches. These are 5 lessons that will make you a better, more successful coach in any discipline.
More and more research is proving the benefits of the kettlebell swing - for strength and speed. Want to perform the perfect swing? Read this article for my four step primer on this amazing movement.
Andrea DuCane was one of the first two RKC masters ever. She's also a practitioner of the Argentinian tango. What else don't you know about this amazing woman, athlete, and coach?
At times I've worked with fighters and grapplers who need to put on weight due to their desired competition weight class. This is the program I used to put muscle on them with kettlebells.
We hear so much about the kettlebell swing and the eye-catching get up, but what about the kettlebell clean? Turns out it's a fantastic movement for athletes of just about any sport.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week - doctors who CrossFit, the RKC evolution, overhead squats, and more!
Mobility, stability, and strength. Set your program accordingly. Get rid of the circus tricks and actually spend your training time working on the things that will help you succeed the fastest.
RKC luminaries such as Dan John, Brett Jones, Andrea DuCane, and Gray Cook all share their thoughts on the evolution of the RKC and the genius of Pavel Tsatsouline.
The roots of the RKC kettlebell system are explained. What does Hardstyle mean? Learn RKC's lineage in hand-to-hand combat, karate, and the Russian kettlebells themselves.