When you're strong and fit, you can enjoy some of the most splendorous natural beauties our planet has to offer.
Enjoy this video of accomplished young climber Sasha DiGiulian completing a stunning first ascent in Waterval Boven, South Africa.
I recently became friends with an avid rock climber and decided to give it a go myself - both in the gym and doing the real thing. I discovered I loved it for many of the same reason I love boxing.
Last year I competed in the Northwest Regional for ANW, until I dislocated my shoulder on the course. Here's how I suggest you should prepare if you want to test yourself as a ninja warrior.
Tim Banfield started out as a rockclimber and CrossFitter; now he has become a professional photographer specializing in those subjects. Check out this gallery of his amazing pictures.
This week features rock climber Chris Sharma. His sport takes immense flexibility, balance, and core strength. Not to mention confidence. Enjoy the scenery and marvel at what Chris does.