shoulder pain

The shoulders and upper back are common areas of built-up tension. Use this stretch to mobilise them.
The hanging ninety-ninety stretch is a great way to incorporate shoulder rehab in your daily training.
To reduce shoulder pain, especially in the overhead press, stretch the surrounding areas.
Perform this stretch regularly on both shoulders to fight stiffness and ward off injuries.
Changing my alignment habits has been the best solution for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. These can help you even if you don't do yoga.
Dr. John Rusin shares a series of innovative movements using the foam roller to maintain the health of your shoulders and thoracic spine.
With a few exceptions, most shoulder injuries are not the rotator cuff’s fault. It is just a victim.
How many times have you flown through chaturanga without thinking? It's time to break that habit.
Elbow pain can stem from shoulder misalignment and this simple excersise can help.
What follows are simple hands-on tests that can determine where your injury lies.
These will not only increase your bench but will also take better care of your shoulders than ever before.
Simple interventions mean more reliable outcomes. The following five tips will give you real results.