social media

Your online presence should pay off in real business.
In the evolving world of fitness, being a coach is not enough.
Losing your lunch occasionally is okay. Celebrating it is not.
The partnership between you and your sponsor is more important than your performance and ranking.
If you are an athlete, you are your own brand - and social media is your main asset.
Success with Internet marketing comes with frequency and quality of posted content. How do you rate?
A recent Facebook post by CrossFit HQ underlined the importance of responsible social media use.
The social media wars orchestrated by CrossFit HQ are a sign of a deeper problem with its company culture.
The problem with Facebook, and the Internet at large, is that soundbites like memes become widespread and accepted as truth.
There are critical steps to follow to ensure a successful TV appearance that may boost your credentials as a fitness pro.
No matter how much we argue, there will never be a be-all and end-all when it comes to exercise and nutrition.
Don’t hide on the phone, Facebook, or the computer. Examine your emotions and when you shut them down.
The moment you understand this tactic will be the day you see huge profits and gains in your business.
Define who the people are you’re pursuing and you’ll have classes filled with whatever customers you want.
Mixing and matching from boxes and CrossFit celebs is a prescription for failure. Seeking out the most heinous crush-fest is just plain reckless.
If I told you to go find a good fitness app, how would you go about choosing? It can be overwhelming, so here are my top five to get you started.
Everyone is a coach, everyone is a strategist, but frankly, your game is your game.