Grapplers require a strong core to help prevent motion and to transfer power from the hips.
Great athletes have great hips. And all athletes need hip mobility, stability, and explosiveness.
I was fortunate to learn from Pavel himself about the Soviet secrets of dominance and longevity. Here is what I discovered.
Master this difficult hold, and leverage the strength gains into your overall athleticism
What people should be doing in the gym, intensity versus consistency, and setting client expectations - Charles covers it all.
Learn about how Otto's amazing muscle control can be helpful in weight lifting and other sports.
Saying you aren’t an expert in something is seen as a sign of weakness. But nothing could be further from the truth.
In BJJ, a competitor does not need to be as strong as possible. A competitor needs to be strong for his or her body weight.
Speed is highly sought after in the athletic world. So we must understand what methods are most efficient in developing it.
In order to prevent a nasty shoulder injury and to increase your weight on the bar, you need to have shoulder stability and mobility first.
Simple repetition range training protocols will enhance your ability to recruit more muscle tissue over time.
Although football players and wrestlers need neck strength, it’s a wise thing to train for anyone, women and children included.
Do you know why the fitness industry is flawed? It’s because we’ve forgotten about fitness.
Choose a viable workout program, and do it religiously. Bust your butt, rest on non-workout days, and eat like you want it.
The simplicity and portability of suspension training systems makes them versatile and convenient.
In the sport of BJJ, you have to be strong everywhere. Look for a program that contains the following elements.
Research indicates having too much choice has negative consequences that may interfere with your training.