track and field

What is running fast or far, if not a metaphor for the internal struggle against the body's inherent laziness?
Track and field hammer throwing and weightlifting have both provided much insight into my greatest strengths and weaknesses as an athlete - and more so, as a person.
Cross-training may be “constantly varied” but it cannot do what swimming, track, or even bodybuilding can do. Just think how much better you’d be as an athlete with a library full of methodologies.
New research looks at simple coaching cues that improve standing long jump performance, and the effect of external versus internal focus on athletic performance.
An event that could only take place in the 1980s: the U.S. team head to head with the East Germans and Soviets in the finals of the 4x100. Would Flo Jo and Evelyn Ashford pull it off?
One of my favorite events is the track and field decathlon. While it would be difficult for mere humans to excel in all ten events, how about competing in a multi-event array of other tasks?
Tom Kelso has spent a lifetime involved in college athletics, as an athlete and as a coach. He is also the man behind our new "Mature Athlete Workout of the Day." Read on to learn about him.
Participating in track and field is a staple of many children's physical education. But it also comes with a high risk of injury. New research looks at how to best prevent these injuries.
As we get closer to the summer Olympics in London, the Friday Flicks takes on the Fosbury Flop. Do you know what it is and how it originated?
13 NCAA titles, two top 10 finishes in Olympic trials, and three consecutive years as Women's World Champion in Highland Athletics - meet Adriane Wilson, a true champion.