Workouts Eva Twardokens Cycle 1

The Turkish Get Up is fantastic move for building all over body strength, as well as flexibility and core stabilization. Check out this great workout combo from Eva T.
Basic pushing and pulling strength is essential. As is being be able to move fast and push heavy things. All the bases are covered in today's workout!
Power snatches and rowing are a brutal combo and one that is guaranteed to get your hips moving. Check out this simple, but effective workout from Eva T.
Working out should just be about strength and cardio. Skill work is good for your brain and for your body. Today's skill? Gymnastics!
Our final week of workouts with U.S. Ski Hall of Fame member Eva Twardokens begins with some weights - the clean and press!
Week two of our three weeks of workouts from Eva T. continues with a combination of strength, skill, and conditioning - bench press, rope climb, and sprints!
There is nothing to get your conditioning in gear quite like a set of sprints. Join Eva T. this week for ten rounds of sprints!
Week two of workouts from 2x Olympian Eva Twardokens. Check out her balance of strength, conditioning, and skill.
Our first week of workouts from Eva Twardokens, aka "Eva T.", concludes with kettlebell swings, running, and pull ups. Check it out and post your time to the comments!
Guest coach Eva Twardokens earned a national championship at the masters level in Olympic weightlifting in 2007. Today she wants YOU to practice your clean and jerk.
Pull ups, dips, double unders, kettlebell swings, and sit ups! Today is a full day from featured coach Eva Twardokens. Work on your bodyweight exercises and endurance!
Week one of brand new workouts from former Olympian and 12-year veteran of the U.S. Ski Team Eva Twardokens. Check out her fun AND challenging way to get fit and strong.