Andy McKenzie


Andy McKenzie
Strength and Conditioning
Bodyweight Exercise
Mobility & Recovery

Andy McKenzie is well respected strength coach, speaker, and educator in the fitness industry. He has a solid background stemming from the military, has spent a career working in professional sport, and is now owner of his own performance facility - The Training Lab.


Andy works with a number of UK fitness publications - he is featured regularly in Men’s Fitness, and the new online magazine Iron Life. With a passion for education, he spends much of his time delivering workshops and certifications in core, bodyweight, and barbell training. 


He also has a pivotal role as the strength and conditioning expert with Kinetica Sports and is a sponsored athlete with Athleat.


You can find him via the #irondisciple aka IRONMAC. Immersed in the life of lifting heavy and mastering his bodyweight- moving with a purpose to improve.